Practical Completion Inspection from $250

Practical Completion 1

Inspections of completed homes before final payment and handover. Checked by a Registered Builder to ensure the construction is to the required standard. Finishes both internally and externally are inspected.  Roof space is inspected.

Practical Completion Inspection 1  Practical Completion Inspection 2  Practical Completion Inspection 3  Practical Completion Inspection 4

  • Cost to attend practical completion inspection and provide advice $250
  • Report with photos of defects as required $145
  • Total cost of inspection and written report $395
  • Follow up inspection if needed.  Hourly Rate $80/hr

Usually meet on site with the Builder or building supervisor. Sometimes with the owner as well to discuss any areas of concern before the inspection commences. Most Perth Builders prefer or require that practical completion Inspections are done by Registered Builders.

Any issues can be discussed with the owner and builder immediately after the inspection and advice given on the best way to fix any problems. Sometimes the Builder will note issues raised at the inspection and get tradespeople there immediately if required as its in everyone’s interest to have the house finished and ready for occupancy.

If required a written report is provided, usually within 24 hours, which can be sent to the Builder so that any outstanding issues can be fixed. Any issues requiring attention are itemized with photos where required. If required I will discuss with the Builder items to rectify and give advice if needed.

Usually issues are resolved. Sometimes a follow up inspection is required to check that any remediation work is up to standard.

When checking one of your larger investments you need someone qualified and experienced to do the job. Some building inspectors in Perth are not qualified. Ask that they are Registered Builders with the Western Australian Building Commission. And preferably with many years of experience.

Sean Butler: Award winning Builder with over 30 years’ experience in the industry in Perth. Building Commission of WA Builders Registration number 8217.

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Member of the Housing Industry Association.